supplier of gypsum for cosmetics

supplier of gypsum

We are the main manufacturer for good quality of gypsum that use in cosmetic industry. This company is the supplier of gypsum for cosmetics and other industries. The use of gypsum (gypsum hair color) in the cosmetic industry is one of the most recent uses of gypsum that we briefly explain about that.

What is gypsum hair color?

Having colored hair makes the appearance of the women different and can be considered a form of makeup. But one of the problems that coloring hair has,
is the use of chemicals in hair dye compounds that it has heavily damages on hair.

supplier of gypsum supplier of gypsum

This hair color isn’t chemically at all and it is quite natural.The gypsum used for making this hair color is a crystalline gypsum or selenite that has the highest
purity among different kinds of gypsum.

How to use gypsum hair color

With gypsum hair dye, you can color your hair beautifully in a few seconds.
Just add a bunch of hair to your hair color and gently put on your hair and light your hair.

supplier of gypsum supplier of gypsum

Does this hair color use only for women or not

Not only women can use hair gypsum but also men can use it at stadiums,clubs and showrooms.
With using these gypsum hair,your hair will get better every day.

supplier of gypsum

Buying crystalline gypsum (selenite) in high tonnage, has been possible through this website directly from the manufacturer.

For getting more information about this product, you can contact sales manager of this company.