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We are the main selenite crystals wholesale all over the world. Despite of the existence of different kinds of gypsum,

This kind of gypsum is limited.


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Varieties of gypsum

There are four varieties of the mineral gypsum: selenite crystal, satin spar, desert rose and gypsum flower. All these varieties show crystalline structure.

Sometimes,these four varieties of gypsum group together and call selenite. The composition of all varieties of gypsum that include selenite and

alabaster is Calcium Sulfate (it means that it has two molecules of water).

selenite crystal

Properties Of Selenite Crystal

Selenite crystal  has powerful metaphysical properties and also has ability to charge itself, due to this fact, it is the most popular crystals that use for

cleanse or recharge other crystals.You can recharge or clean your crystals from any negative or unwanted energy that build up over the time.

Gypsum is available both in pure and impure form.This impurity may have entered the formation of the gypsum which is called primitive impurities.

Maybe this impurity has entered years later that is called Secondary impurities.


selenite crystalselenite crystal

What is selenite crystal used for

You can use selenite crystal in different industries like food industry, pharmacy, alcoholic drinks, preparing toothpaste, making biscuits and jewelry.

Today, people all over the world use crystals to get relief from various mental, emotional, and physical troubles.


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