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There are plaster molds for sale with high quality and wide applicability in this company. Dear customer,you can buy a variety of normal plaster and composite plaster directly from this site and manufacturer at an affordable price.Today, with due attention to industrialization of gypsum production and transition from the traditional production stages,different products of plaster molds are marketed.Fortunately,the properties of gypsum powder compatibility with chemicals while retaining positive properties make it possible to produce different types of plaster with new functional properties.

plaster moldsplaster molds

Plaster types in buildings

In general,building plaster is available in two categories:

  1. Plaster without additives
  2.  Additive plaster

Obviously,composite plaster products have different properties due to chemical additives in their structure.By producing composite plaster ,plaster industry has changed.


 plaster molds

What is moulding plaster

Molding plaster is a kind of polymer plaster that is widely used in the molding,casting and sculpture industry. Another application of  molding plaster in dentistry is the manufacture of dental molds. This product, also known as dental plaster, should have the following characteristics:

  1.  The paste from the combination of water and gypsum powder should be sufficiently fluid and formable to fill the mouth and teeth.
  2. The time of loading of this dough should be such that it is possible to make molding at a certain time
  3.  The amount of its volume changes is as low as possible to maintain the true size
  4. It has enough hardness and has the strength to bear high pressure and friction
  5. Its porosity is low

 Properties of plaster moulds

  • Possibility to control the bubbles that created in the mortar from the plaster and eliminate them
  • Create a good mortar
  • Reduce water to plaster
  • Increase plaster surface hardness
  • Lack of plaster volume increase
  • Low gypsum water absorption after final drying
  • Low setting time

 plaster moldsplaster molds

Plaster molds for sale

According to highly demands of this product, we supply plaster molds for sale and also export of molding plaster is possible through this site.Dear customers,you can contact our experts at this center to inquire for prices,receives analyzes and samples and any necessary information.