Gypsum Lumps Importer in United Arab Emirates

gypsum lumps

Our company is gypsum lumps importer in United Arab emirates. Purchasing gypsum lump with high purity and excellent quality is possible directly from the mine by this site. We have limitary gypsum lump resources or gypsum crystals. They only found in some parts of gypsum mines.


gypsum lumpsgypsum lumps

What is gypsum

Gypsum lump is an inorganic mineral known as CaCO2 and CoSo4.2H2o. This is the fifth non-metallic element in the earth’s crust.It is worth nothing that,over time it is possible to combine this mineral with impurities of clay mineral and iron oxides.So it’s possible to change the color of the stone white to gray,blue,pink and yellow.The pure mineral is extremely rare in nature because of intense combination of these minerals.Gypsum lumps in purity condition are also known as glass plaster,crystalline plaster and selenite.

gypsum lumpsgypsum lumps

What is gypsum used for

The most commonly use of gypsum lump in the gypsum industry is the production of various types of building plaster.In addition to the building industry,gypsum powders are used in other industries such as fillet,denture casting,jewelry,porcelain and ceramic,petrochemicals and glasswork. The usage of raw gypsum lump is for increasing setting time in producing cement and to reduce the salinity of the soil in agricultural lands.Pure gypsum lump with crystal gypsum also have unique uses and often have an exported aspect.


gypsum lumpsgypsum lumps

Gypsum lumps importer

Because of expansion and distribution of gypsum mines in the country,these minerals are available in most areas. But the important thing is the difference in mineral purity and whiteness from one region to another.We are gypsum lumps importers in many countries like United Arab emirates,Qatar,Oman, Malaysia,India and…. .Dear customers,you can contact our collection to purchase gypsum lumps directly from the mine.Please contact the sale department for quotation inquiry,samples and any information that you may need.