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gypsum lump supplier

Gypsum Lump or gyps with the chemical name of Aqueous calcium sulfate is the fifth most abundant mineral in nature. Gypsum lump is one of the minerals that we can export it in high tonnage. Fortunately, gypsum lump mines of Iran have a purity above 90%. This company also exploit from its mine and is the main gypsum lump suppliers with suitable price. Right now, gypsum lump of Iran is exported to many countries.


gypsum lump suppliergypsum lump supplier

factors of selecting gypsum lump

The product of baking and milling called building plaster that is widely used in various industries. What is the definition of the term quality for gypsum lump, in other words, what factors should be

considered in order to select gypsum lump. Some important factors of selecting gypsum lump are:

  1. Gypsum lump purity percentage
  2. Grading
  3. The percentage of moisture in the rock
  4. The color of mineral that if it is whiter,it is better.

We can easily investigate some of above parameters such as calcium sulfate and moisture in chemical analysis of the mineral.

gypsum lump supplier

where is gypsum found

Gypsum Lump or calcium sulfate is the fifth non-metallic element that is found in nature and there is in many countries but the quality and degree of purity in different areas are not the same.

Iran has the richest and the most high-quality gypsum lump mines.

uses of raw gypsum

  1. Production of various types of gypsum in industrial and traditional units
  2. Production of gypsum prefabricated components include gypsum blocks,plaster board and gypsum tiles
  3. Add to cement clinker to set its time
  4. Set PH of water
  5. Adjust soil PH and help to reducing soil salinity


gypsum lump suppliergypsum lump supplier

gypsum lump suppliers

We are gypsum lump suppliers and export gypsum lump to many countries like India,Iraq, Armenia,Azerbaijan and Kuwait. Dear customers and international merchants cab directly

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