Concrete Plaster Buy at Best Price

Concrete plaster buy at best price is started through this site.Concrete plaster is an additive and compound product .Only some factories produce and supply this product.


concrete plaster

What is concrete plaster

Until a few years ago,the production of industrial factories was only whitening plaster.But the weaknesses of this product in some specific condition led to a limitation of its use.

Therefore,our experts are trying to extend the application of this material while removing the weaknesses.

Whitening plaster is not applicable to these surfaces due to water absorption of less than 1% of concrete levels. But our specialists, with the combination of specific chemicals with gypsum plaster, created a gypsum stability on concrete and cement.

This product is marketed as concrete and polystyrene foam.


concrete plaster

Plastering concrete walls

Generally,the proportion of concrete plaster powder with water is 60 to 40.

We make the concrete plaster mortar based on the above ratio in a clean contain and without any contamination.

The mortar which we produce runs directly without any needs for special foundation on concrete walls,cement and polystyrene foam.

The working time and use of this mortar is about 60 minutes.We execute the concrete plaster in one or two layers on the surfaces.


concrete plasterconcrete plaster

Concrete plaster price

The production of concrete plaster is based on a high quality Micronized plaster and a series of special additives.

So it has higher price than normal plaster but the benefits of the direct application on concrete and cost reduction,will compensate concrete plaster price.

Concrete plaster buy at best price

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