agricultural gypsum powder for sale

agricultural gypsum powder

Today,due to dehydration,most of the agricultural lands are facing the problem of soil salinity. Agricultural gypsum powder is one of the cheapest and most abundant modifiers available that used for decreasing soil salinity. This company is the main manufacturer of agricultural gypsum all over the world.Varieties of agricultural products are the result of the coordination of water and soil.

Obviously,the quality of these agricultural products is directly related to the quality of water and the occurrence of any weakness in these organs leads to a decrease in yield and quality of the product.

agricultural gypsum powder

How do we reduce salinity in our soil

In some countries, shortage of water and low annual precipitation are definitely cause problems such as water salinity and then soil salinity.Farmers can contribute to reducing the

salinity of soil through the existing corrective methods and these are the best and the most productive activity that they can do.Experts consider wash the soil with water in ground

is the best way for removing excess salt from the soil through drain pipe.The point here that, alkalizing and increasing the sodium content of the soil is due to the phenomenon of

salinity will not solve by soil leaching alone.So, how do we reduce salinity in our soil?

Our answer to this question is to use modifiers such as agricultural gypsum in the ground along with heavy soil irrigation.

agricultural gypsum powderagricultural gypsum powder

What is the difference between agricultural gypsum and building plaster

The building plaster is the result of baking and grinding of gypsum, but the agricultural gypsum is the same as the raw gypsum that has been mined.our mean for this purpose is

agricultural gypsum not building plaster.

agricultural gypsum powderagricultural gypsum powder

Agricultural gypsum benefits

The most important agricultural gypsum benefits are reducing salinity and soil acidity,reducing the sodium absorption ratio,increasing the calcium magnesium ratio and preventing magnesium poisoning. If you would like to receive more information in this area or products, please contact our experts.


Agricultural gypsum sale for reducing Soil salinity

Agricultural gypsum sale

This group sales agricultural gypsum for reducing agricultural soil salinity. Currently, the problem of decreasing rainfall and coming down in level of groundwater table that is called soil salinity effects on agricultural area. What do we for minimizing the soil salinity on products’ function and quality?

Agricultural gypsum sale

Gypsum use in agriculture

We should ameliorate saline soils for increasing in product yield and quality. There are diverse methods and modifiers for this issue, but one of the most inexpensive and available products is agricultural gypsum.

Agricultural gypsum sale

This amendment has a critical role in improvements of soil physicochemical properties that’s mean in addition to helping to decrease the sodium content of the soil it has wonderful effects as follows:

Raw gypsum effects on agricultural soil

  1. Gypsum has two macronutrients components, calcium and sulfur, which are easily accessible for roots.
  2.  Improving and reinforcing the soil structure.
  3.  Helping ameliorate sodic soil.
  4.   Removing toxic boron from soil.
  5.  Causing organic matters stability.
  6.  Providing a situation for plowing right after irrigation.
  7. Increasing irrigation water efficiency.
  8. Reducing the toxicity of heavy metal elements.
  9. Increasing products quality and prevents some plant diseases.
  10. Helping grow earthworms in the soil.
  11. Preventing flood conditions through increasing soil permeability.

Agricultural gypsum sale

How and when to use Agricultural gypsum?

Row gypsum doesn’t lead to poisoning even in growing period of product because of its moderate solubility and low salt index. We can add to the agricultural ground every time of flood irrigating but we usually use it in the dormancy period of plant that is in the autumn and winter.

Agricultural gypsum sale

At present we sell this product as wholesale in Tabriz, Kerman, Mashhad, Tehran, Shiraz and other cities of Iran.