paris plaster

Plaster of Paris or Beta plaster is obtained from a kind of mineral that called gypsum.

This rock with a chemical formula in its structure has two molecules of water that during the process of processing in the factory, it loses part of its water molecules. The outcome gypsum powder has ability to combine with water.

The obvious feature of Paris is its high solubility and short duration. This product is produced in mesh 100 and 200.

Paris Plaster Properties

One of the best properties of Paris plaster is the following:

High granulation

Relative resistance to moisture, heat and sound

Desirable plasticity                              Suitable for covering building surfaces

High impact resistance                        Creation of smooth and brilliant surfaces

paris plaster

 Plaster of Paris uses

Covering walls and ceiling

Resisting of buildings against fire danger

Renovation of historical monuments

Use in medicine and orthopedics

Making statues

Casting of metals and Dentistry