Plaster of Paris Price Per Bag

Paris plaster price

Some factors such as quality and price of dollar a day will influence on plaster of Paris price per bag. You can get the most suitable price of Semnan gypsum with high quality

from this company.

Paris plaster price

Semnan Gypsum_Iran Export Companies

Not only in Iran, but also in the world, Semnan gypsum are known because of their quality and quantity. White gypsum sources with an extraordinary purity above 90% will be

the source of a unique high quality product. Currently, the industrial gypsum production of this province supplies more than 80% of Iranian gypsum plaster.

Statistics show that, despite the difficulties that exist in exporting this valuable product , Semnan gypsum plaster accounts for 4% of the total world’s gypsum.


Paris plaster priceParis plaster price

Gypsum Plaster Exporters

In this regard, we should note that besides domestic merchants and intermediaries, international traders come Semnan and see Semnan factories, test

different kinds of products and will be exporters of these products.

Currently, Semnan gypsum plaster factories export this product to Iraq, India, China, Kuwait, Emirates , Qatar and Singapore.


Paris plaster priceParis plaster price

Types of Semnan Gypsum For Export

The most demand for Semnan gypsum plaster in field of exporting is micronized plaster with mesh 200, high setting time and spray.

Fortunately , some reliable factories have ability to produce some products with different setting time.

Gypsum Products Properties

1) High whiteness

2) High setting time

3) High granulation

4) Easy to mix with mortar

Plaster of Paris Price

Paris plaster price is changed because of some factors such as shipping costs, customs and price of dollar a day.

Dear traders, you can contact sale manager of this company for getting more information about plaster of Paris per bag.



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    Hello, my name is Daniel from Nigeria and I deal on Plastering of Paris Cement. Please I am interested in buying from your company, I need some certain information regarding how I can made purchases, how much you sell and how many quantities


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