Plaster Molds Wholesale For Ceramics

plaster molds

Plaster is a natural material that use for buildings.It is used for the protective or decorative coating of walls and for molding.
Plaster is suitable for every kind of material in building. Furthermore,we can use this product  in molding too.

Plaster Molding Properties

Micronized is a kind of plaster that use for molding and it has high setting time.This product is white and has high resistance.It has high quality.
The physical properties of the plaster molds are related to their preparation conditions and affecting the performance of the molds
like water quality, water temperature, mixing time, and the pouring and drying procedures.

plaster molds

What are ceramic molds

One of the usage of plaster is making ceramic molds.
You can make different types of ceramic in two ways:simple and complex.

What temperature can plaster of Paris withstand

The maximum temperature of plaster is 1,200’C(2,200 ‘F) and it shouldn’t be higher than this temperature because melt the plaster mold.
Also the sulfur in the gypsum is not suitable for casting ferrous materials because it reacts with iron.

plaster molds plaster molds

Plaster Molds For Sale

You can use plaster of Paris for making plaster molds many times to create an inexpensive craft project and they are very great.
At present, we sell this plaster as wholesale in Semnan. You can contact sale manager of this company for getting more information.

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