One of the usage of Paris plaster is in dentistry that it is special kind of plaster.

what are the plaster properties for dentistry and how is it produced?

Plaster that use to make prostheses and dentures in dentistry, although it has high strength and resistance to impact and temperature changes,

it should not be harmful to the oral health.

Certainly,beta plaster, which specially design for construction,doesn’t have the required specification for this purpose.

dental plaster

plaster that use for dentistry should produce

under certain conditions and it has high purity.

What is molding plaster

This plaster has very slight volumetric changes. so, it is a good choice to maintain the actual size of the jaw or teeth.

Due to the high setting time initial of this product to the beta type,molding can be done easily.because dental plaster has high initial and final resistance,

this feature causes to make strong prostheses.