Gypsum Lumps Importer in United Arab Emirates

gypsum lumps

Our company is gypsum lumps importer in United Arab emirates. Purchasing gypsum lump with high purity and excellent quality is possible directly from the mine by this site. We have limitary gypsum lump resources or gypsum crystals. They only found in some parts of gypsum mines.


gypsum lumpsgypsum lumps

What is gypsum

Gypsum lump is an inorganic mineral known as CaCO2 and CoSo4.2H2o. This is the fifth non-metallic element in the earth’s crust.It is worth nothing that,over time it is possible to combine this mineral with impurities of clay mineral and iron oxides.So it’s possible to change the color of the stone white to gray,blue,pink and yellow.The pure mineral is extremely rare in nature because of intense combination of these minerals.Gypsum lumps in purity condition are also known as glass plaster,crystalline plaster and selenite.

gypsum lumpsgypsum lumps

What is gypsum used for

The most commonly use of gypsum lump in the gypsum industry is the production of various types of building plaster.In addition to the building industry,gypsum powders are used in other industries such as fillet,denture casting,jewelry,porcelain and ceramic,petrochemicals and glasswork. The usage of raw gypsum lump is for increasing setting time in producing cement and to reduce the salinity of the soil in agricultural lands.Pure gypsum lump with crystal gypsum also have unique uses and often have an exported aspect.


gypsum lumpsgypsum lumps

Gypsum lumps importer

Because of expansion and distribution of gypsum mines in the country,these minerals are available in most areas. But the important thing is the difference in mineral purity and whiteness from one region to another.We are gypsum lumps importers in many countries like United Arab emirates,Qatar,Oman, Malaysia,India and…. .Dear customers,you can contact our collection to purchase gypsum lumps directly from the mine.Please contact the sale department for quotation inquiry,samples and any information that you may need.



Gypsum Plaster Supplier in Dubai

gypsum plaster

We are gypsum plaster supplier in Dubai and export types of building plaster for whitening surface at the cost of agency.Quality assurance,prompt delivery of orders and satisfaction of respectable customers are the pride of this company’s personnel.

gypsum plastergypsum plaster

What is gypsum plaster

The general process in the production of gypsum plaster are baking and gypsum grinding.These processes are fixed in both traditional and industrial production of plaster.Our general definition of gypsum plaster is a white powder that can form a mortar after combining with water.

gypsum plastergypsum plaster

Properties of gypsum plaster

This product has a number of general properties.However, because of the ability to adapt a certain amount of chemicals, it is possible to produce a gypsum plaster with unique properties,if necessary.

General features of gypsum plaster include:

  1. Low setting time
  2. Volume increase
  3. Fire resistance
  4. Being acoustic
  5. Plastic property
  6. Reasonable price
  7. Abundance

gypsum plastergypsum plaster

Types of gypsum plaster

The first point is all types of gypsum plaster should be white and bright.The second point is gypsum powder setting time which should be on average between 8 to 10 minutes.It should be noted that,if you need high setting time gypsum plaster,you should choose from the additive plaster.Considering the grading of gypsum plaster particles and its mesh are another important parameters in choosing the best type of gypsum plaster.Certainly,the quality will depends on the fineness of the gypsum plaster particles.Ultimately,the guarantor is to preserve the quality,the type of packaging and the types of bag.Because use of low quality bags will weaken the properties of gypsum plaster due to the influence of moisture in the air.

Gypsum plaster supplier

We are gypsum plaster supplier to many countries like Dubai,India,Iraq,Armenia and other countries.Gypsum plaster price will vary due to parameters that we noted above.The prices are in USD and the shipping cost is also added. For getting more information about prices and other things, please contact our sales manager.


Plaster Molds For Sale

plaster mold

There are plaster molds for sale with high quality and wide applicability in this company. Dear customer,you can buy a variety of normal plaster and composite plaster directly from this site and manufacturer at an affordable price.Today, with due attention to industrialization of gypsum production and transition from the traditional production stages,different products of plaster molds are marketed.Fortunately,the properties of gypsum powder compatibility with chemicals while retaining positive properties make it possible to produce different types of plaster with new functional properties.

plaster moldsplaster molds

Plaster types in buildings

In general,building plaster is available in two categories:

  1. Plaster without additives
  2.  Additive plaster

Obviously,composite plaster products have different properties due to chemical additives in their structure.By producing composite plaster ,plaster industry has changed.


 plaster molds

What is moulding plaster

Molding plaster is a kind of polymer plaster that is widely used in the molding,casting and sculpture industry. Another application of  molding plaster in dentistry is the manufacture of dental molds. This product, also known as dental plaster, should have the following characteristics:

  1.  The paste from the combination of water and gypsum powder should be sufficiently fluid and formable to fill the mouth and teeth.
  2. The time of loading of this dough should be such that it is possible to make molding at a certain time
  3.  The amount of its volume changes is as low as possible to maintain the true size
  4. It has enough hardness and has the strength to bear high pressure and friction
  5. Its porosity is low

 Properties of plaster moulds

  • Possibility to control the bubbles that created in the mortar from the plaster and eliminate them
  • Create a good mortar
  • Reduce water to plaster
  • Increase plaster surface hardness
  • Lack of plaster volume increase
  • Low gypsum water absorption after final drying
  • Low setting time

 plaster moldsplaster molds

Plaster molds for sale

According to highly demands of this product, we supply plaster molds for sale and also export of molding plaster is possible through this site.Dear customers,you can contact our experts at this center to inquire for prices,receives analyzes and samples and any necessary information.


Gypsum Powder Supplier In Qatar

gypsum powder supplier

Gypsum powder or hydrous calcium is a smooth white powder that creates by heating of gypsum stone. We are gypsum powder supplier all over the world.The gypsum that is mined is heat dried, crushed and processed to become a powder.The uses of this kind of product is in different agricultural, construction and industrial applications.

The role of this product in agriculture is that is an excellent source of sulfur for plant nutrition and improving crop yield. Meanwhile, calcium is essential for most nutrients to be absorbed by plants roots. Without adequate calcium, uptake mechanisms would fail. Calcium helps stimulate root growth too.


gypsum powder suppliergypsum powder supplier

Gypsum powder uses in construction

One of the widely uses of gypsum powder is in construction material mainly in interior designing and used as surface material and prominent in wall, ceiling construction, making gypsum board,plaster of Paris manufacturing and manufacture of wallboard.


gypsum powder suppliergypsum powder supplier

Other uses of gypsum

Gypsum is a soft white mineral and consists of hydrated calcium sulfate that usually appears white or gray. The purity of gypsum is maximum 98%. Gypsum varieties known as satin spar and alabaster.Gypsum is also used in raw form as cooked. The raw form is used in cement industry, agriculture and the cooked form plaster is used in ceramics and porcelain industry,for decreasing PH of water, in medicine, pharmacy and petrochemicals. Gypsum is a non-toxic mineral that can be helpful to humans, animals, plant life, and the environment.It is also a soil additive that sometimes called land plaster for improving the soil’s workability and receptivity to moisture and can overcome the corrosive effect of alkalinity.

gypsum powder suppliergypsum powder supplier

Gypsum powder supplier in Qatar

we have high quality and reasonably priced and we are the main gypsum powder supplier and manufacturer around the world.We supply this product to many countries such as Qatar,Dubai,China,Oman and many other countries. For getting more information please contact our sale manager.

Plaster Of Paris At Best Price

plaster of paris price

plaster of paris price will vary based on shipping costs.The sale of plaster of Paris at best price in various types and applications has begun in this company.. We produce all our products on the basis of the latest technology and with the help of machinery and under the strict supervision of the quality control unit. We are proud to offer the plaster of Paris at best price and satisfy the respectable customers.

After mining, gypsum goes through steps to become a building plaster.Nowadays, modern industrial factories with the transition from the traditional process of gypsum production use the

latest method to process and produce these building plasters.


plaster of Paris priceplaster of Paris price

plaster types in building

The richest gypsum mines in the world are concentrated in Iran. For this reason, the production of industrial units of the country, both qualitatively and quantitatively, has a high rating.

Some industrial factories, in addition to normal building plaster produce additive plaster including Concrete plaster, Satin plaster and Siva plaster.Each of them has special usage.

plaster of Paris price

What is the best type of plaster to use

The main usage of plaster in the building is for whitening surfaces.The best type of gypsum is related to whiteness, softness and longevity.But the plaster group’s familiarity with the type of

plaster and how to prepare the mortar will also have a significant impact on the quality of the final work.

plaster of Paris price

plaster of Paris price

It is easy to access plaster of Paris in almost every part of the country. But our goal is offering and selling plaster of Paris in various types through this site and establish a direct relationship between the manufacturer and the consumer.Nowadays, plaster of Paris price is changeable.

Therefore, we hope customers from all over the country can purchase plaster of Paris at best price by contacting our colleagues at the sales department.



Gypsum Lump Suppliers With Suitable Price

gypsum lump supplier

Gypsum Lump or gyps with the chemical name of Aqueous calcium sulfate is the fifth most abundant mineral in nature. Gypsum lump is one of the minerals that we can export it in high tonnage. Fortunately, gypsum lump mines of Iran have a purity above 90%. This company also exploit from its mine and is the main gypsum lump suppliers with suitable price. Right now, gypsum lump of Iran is exported to many countries.


gypsum lump suppliergypsum lump supplier

factors of selecting gypsum lump

The product of baking and milling called building plaster that is widely used in various industries. What is the definition of the term quality for gypsum lump, in other words, what factors should be

considered in order to select gypsum lump. Some important factors of selecting gypsum lump are:

  1. Gypsum lump purity percentage
  2. Grading
  3. The percentage of moisture in the rock
  4. The color of mineral that if it is whiter,it is better.

We can easily investigate some of above parameters such as calcium sulfate and moisture in chemical analysis of the mineral.

gypsum lump supplier

where is gypsum found

Gypsum Lump or calcium sulfate is the fifth non-metallic element that is found in nature and there is in many countries but the quality and degree of purity in different areas are not the same.

Iran has the richest and the most high-quality gypsum lump mines.

uses of raw gypsum

  1. Production of various types of gypsum in industrial and traditional units
  2. Production of gypsum prefabricated components include gypsum blocks,plaster board and gypsum tiles
  3. Add to cement clinker to set its time
  4. Set PH of water
  5. Adjust soil PH and help to reducing soil salinity


gypsum lump suppliergypsum lump supplier

gypsum lump suppliers

We are gypsum lump suppliers and export gypsum lump to many countries like India,Iraq, Armenia,Azerbaijan and Kuwait. Dear customers and international merchants cab directly

link to the mine through this site for getting the most appropriate price.


agricultural gypsum powder for sale

agricultural gypsum powder

Today,due to dehydration,most of the agricultural lands are facing the problem of soil salinity. Agricultural gypsum powder is one of the cheapest and most abundant modifiers available that used for decreasing soil salinity. This company is the main manufacturer of agricultural gypsum all over the world.Varieties of agricultural products are the result of the coordination of water and soil.

Obviously,the quality of these agricultural products is directly related to the quality of water and the occurrence of any weakness in these organs leads to a decrease in yield and quality of the product.

agricultural gypsum powder

How do we reduce salinity in our soil

In some countries, shortage of water and low annual precipitation are definitely cause problems such as water salinity and then soil salinity.Farmers can contribute to reducing the

salinity of soil through the existing corrective methods and these are the best and the most productive activity that they can do.Experts consider wash the soil with water in ground

is the best way for removing excess salt from the soil through drain pipe.The point here that, alkalizing and increasing the sodium content of the soil is due to the phenomenon of

salinity will not solve by soil leaching alone.So, how do we reduce salinity in our soil?

Our answer to this question is to use modifiers such as agricultural gypsum in the ground along with heavy soil irrigation.

agricultural gypsum powderagricultural gypsum powder

What is the difference between agricultural gypsum and building plaster

The building plaster is the result of baking and grinding of gypsum, but the agricultural gypsum is the same as the raw gypsum that has been mined.our mean for this purpose is

agricultural gypsum not building plaster.

agricultural gypsum powderagricultural gypsum powder

Agricultural gypsum benefits

The most important agricultural gypsum benefits are reducing salinity and soil acidity,reducing the sodium absorption ratio,increasing the calcium magnesium ratio and preventing magnesium poisoning. If you would like to receive more information in this area or products, please contact our experts.