Gypsum Selenite Supplier With Suitable Price

Gypsum Selenite Supplier

This company is  gypsum selenite supplier with suitable price . You can get gypsum selenite as wholesale in high tonnage from our mine.

gupsum selenite supplier\gypsum selenite supplier

Varieties Of Gypsum

1) Marble Gypsum

2) Crystal Gypsum

3) Non-crystalline Gypsum

4) Satin Spar

5) Marin Glass

6) Cluster Gypsum

Among these types, non-crystalline gypsum is the most abundant in nature and we use this kind of gypsum as a primary material for producing

gypsum in our factories.

Gypsum Selenite Supplier Gypsum Selenite Supplier

The Metaphysical and Spiritual Properties of Selenite Crystals

Selenite is a crystal formed from the mineral gypsum that comes in many forms and color variations. Selenite is commonly associated with the seventh—or Crown—chakra,

which is the energy center that is located just above the crown of the head. This is the chakra of divine wisdom, Spirit, and Unity.

Physically, the Crown Chakra governs the brain, nervous system, and pituitary gland. For these reasons, selenite is helpful for bringing balance to the Crown Chakra and help you feel a stronger connection with all of creation.

gypsum selenite supplier

Gypsum vs Selenite _what’s the difference?

Gypsum is often accompanied by impurities due to its intense mixing effect .Gypsum is available both in pure and impure form.

This impurity may have entered the formation of the gypsum due to the streak gap which is called primitive impurities.

Sometimes this impurity has entered years later that is called Secondary impurities.

In the past, Greeks use this mineral because of light passing for covering the window.So, we can say pure type of selenite is similar to gypsum.

The degree of selenite purity is 99/99%.

What are gypsum crystals used for

Gypsum crystals used for different industries like food industry,cosmetic,winery and medicine. Crystal gypsum is a good source of calcium

for its purity and high gypsum content.

Gypsum Selenite Supplier Gypsum Selenite Supplier

Gypsum Selenite Supplier

This company is gypsum selenite supplier from its own mine. Fortunately,our mine has high reserves of selenite and is able to provide

a high tonnage of selenite in the month. Please contact the sale manager of this company for getting more information.


Plaster of Paris Price Per Bag

Paris plaster price

Some factors such as quality and price of dollar a day will influence on plaster of Paris price per bag. You can get the most suitable price of Semnan gypsum with high quality

from this company.

Paris plaster price

Semnan Gypsum_Iran Export Companies

Not only in Iran, but also in the world, Semnan gypsum are known because of their quality and quantity. White gypsum sources with an extraordinary purity above 90% will be

the source of a unique high quality product. Currently, the industrial gypsum production of this province supplies more than 80% of Iranian gypsum plaster.

Statistics show that, despite the difficulties that exist in exporting this valuable product , Semnan gypsum plaster accounts for 4% of the total world’s gypsum.


Paris plaster priceParis plaster price

Gypsum Plaster Exporters

In this regard, we should note that besides domestic merchants and intermediaries, international traders come Semnan and see Semnan factories, test

different kinds of products and will be exporters of these products.

Currently, Semnan gypsum plaster factories export this product to Iraq, India, China, Kuwait, Emirates , Qatar and Singapore.


Paris plaster priceParis plaster price

Types of Semnan Gypsum For Export

The most demand for Semnan gypsum plaster in field of exporting is micronized plaster with mesh 200, high setting time and spray.

Fortunately , some reliable factories have ability to produce some products with different setting time.

Gypsum Products Properties

1) High whiteness

2) High setting time

3) High granulation

4) Easy to mix with mortar

Plaster of Paris Price

Paris plaster price is changed because of some factors such as shipping costs, customs and price of dollar a day.

Dear traders, you can contact sale manager of this company for getting more information about plaster of Paris per bag.



Selenite Crystals Wholesale In China

selenite crystals wholesale

We are the main selenite crystals wholesale all over the world. Despite of the existence of different kinds of gypsum,

This kind of gypsum is limited.


selenite crystal selenite crystal wholesale

Varieties of gypsum

There are four varieties of the mineral gypsum: selenite crystal, satin spar, desert rose and gypsum flower. All these varieties show crystalline structure.

Sometimes,these four varieties of gypsum group together and call selenite. The composition of all varieties of gypsum that include selenite and

alabaster is Calcium Sulfate (it means that it has two molecules of water).

selenite crystal

Properties Of Selenite Crystal

Selenite crystal  has powerful metaphysical properties and also has ability to charge itself, due to this fact, it is the most popular crystals that use for

cleanse or recharge other crystals.You can recharge or clean your crystals from any negative or unwanted energy that build up over the time.

Gypsum is available both in pure and impure form.This impurity may have entered the formation of the gypsum which is called primitive impurities.

Maybe this impurity has entered years later that is called Secondary impurities.


selenite crystalselenite crystal

What is selenite crystal used for

You can use selenite crystal in different industries like food industry, pharmacy, alcoholic drinks, preparing toothpaste, making biscuits and jewelry.

Today, people all over the world use crystals to get relief from various mental, emotional, and physical troubles.


selenite crystal

 Get selenite crystals wholesale

You can get selenite crystals wholesale from this company. This company is the main wholesale distributor of selenite. For getting more information please

contact sales manager.

Plaster Molds Wholesale For Ceramics

plaster molds

Plaster is a natural material that use for buildings.It is used for the protective or decorative coating of walls and for molding.
Plaster is suitable for every kind of material in building. Furthermore,we can use this product  in molding too.

Plaster Molding Properties

Micronized is a kind of plaster that use for molding and it has high setting time.This product is white and has high resistance.It has high quality.
The physical properties of the plaster molds are related to their preparation conditions and affecting the performance of the molds
like water quality, water temperature, mixing time, and the pouring and drying procedures.

plaster molds

What are ceramic molds

One of the usage of plaster is making ceramic molds.
You can make different types of ceramic in two ways:simple and complex.

What temperature can plaster of Paris withstand

The maximum temperature of plaster is 1,200’C(2,200 ‘F) and it shouldn’t be higher than this temperature because melt the plaster mold.
Also the sulfur in the gypsum is not suitable for casting ferrous materials because it reacts with iron.

plaster molds plaster molds

Plaster Molds For Sale

You can use plaster of Paris for making plaster molds many times to create an inexpensive craft project and they are very great.
At present, we sell this plaster as wholesale in Semnan. You can contact sale manager of this company for getting more information.

Wholesale dental plaster for molding

dental plaster

One of the usage of Paris plaster is in dentistry that it is special kind of plaster. One of the products of a number of plaster factories is dental plaster. We produce this kind of product in best quality and price.

Properties of dental plaster

what are the plaster properties for dentistry and how is it produced?
Plaster that use to make prostheses and dentures in dentistry, although it has high strength and resistance to impact and temperature changes, it should not be harmful to the oral heath.

dental plasterdental plaster

Certainly,beta plaster, which specially design for construction,doesn’t have the required specification for this purpose.plaster that use for dentistry should produce
under certain conditions and it has high purity.

What is molding plaster

This plaster has very slight volumetric changes. so, it is a good choice to maintain the actual size of the jaw or teeth. Due to the high setting time initial of this product to the beta type,molding can be done easily.because dental plaster has high initial and final resistance, this feature causes to make strong prostheses.

dental plaster dental plaster

Wholesale dental plaster

Due to the limited production and consumption condition of dental plaster, there are only a few number of factories for producing this plaster.
We are the main wholesale manufacturer of this product. For getting more information you can contact sale manager of this company.


supplier of gypsum for cosmetics

supplier of gypsum

We are the main manufacturer for good quality of gypsum that use in cosmetic industry. This company is the supplier of gypsum for cosmetics and other industries. The use of gypsum (gypsum hair color) in the cosmetic industry is one of the most recent uses of gypsum that we briefly explain about that.

What is gypsum hair color?

Having colored hair makes the appearance of the women different and can be considered a form of makeup. But one of the problems that coloring hair has,
is the use of chemicals in hair dye compounds that it has heavily damages on hair.

supplier of gypsum supplier of gypsum

This hair color isn’t chemically at all and it is quite natural.The gypsum used for making this hair color is a crystalline gypsum or selenite that has the highest
purity among different kinds of gypsum.

How to use gypsum hair color

With gypsum hair dye, you can color your hair beautifully in a few seconds.
Just add a bunch of hair to your hair color and gently put on your hair and light your hair.

supplier of gypsum supplier of gypsum

Does this hair color use only for women or not

Not only women can use hair gypsum but also men can use it at stadiums,clubs and showrooms.
With using these gypsum hair,your hair will get better every day.

supplier of gypsum

Buying crystalline gypsum (selenite) in high tonnage, has been possible through this website directly from the manufacturer.

For getting more information about this product, you can contact sales manager of this company.