Paris plaster price for concrete surfaces

Paris plaster price

Paris plaster price, due to the special additives in its composition, will be higher and changeable than normal plaster.

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paris plaster price

What is the application of Paris Plaster? Is this plaster basically the same as whitening Plaster?

How to use this product? We will try to answer the above question in this section.

What is Paris plaster

Paris plaster is a product that is made from a mixture of dry plaster micronized with special additives.

Paris plaster price paris plaster

Paris plaster uses

In general, the purpose of producing Compound plaster is to use it in certain condition for which there is no reason to use ordinary plaster.

The most obvious feature of the Paris Plaster, which actually distinguishes it from other plaster products, is its extraordinary adhesion.

The most important application of this product is to runs on concrete surfaces, cement, foam and Styrofoam.

The benefits of Paris plaster

  1.    Time and cost saving
  2.    It doesn’t need to substructure
  3.    Removal of plastering substructure operation
  4.    No possibility of fraction or falling after drying
  5.    High primary and secondary charisma
  6.    Whiteness and optimal levels of brightness
  7.    possibility to paint or wallpaper on the plaster layer

Paris plaster price Paris plaster price

How to use Paris plaster

The way of using Paris plaster is that, after adding the Paris plaster powder to a container of water with hand or agitator, will prepare a mortar at a desired concentration.

In this mix, the amount of Plaster is 60% and water will 40%.

Note that, in order to maintain properties and achieve maximum adhesion, don’t use any additives when making mortar except water. Otherwise, there is a possibility of cracking, Plaster spatter and yellow surfaces.

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Agricultural gypsum sale for reducing Soil salinity

Agricultural gypsum sale

This group sales agricultural gypsum for reducing agricultural soil salinity. Currently, the problem of decreasing rainfall and coming down in level of groundwater table that is called soil salinity effects on agricultural area. What do we for minimizing the soil salinity on products’ function and quality?

Agricultural gypsum sale

Gypsum use in agriculture

We should ameliorate saline soils for increasing in product yield and quality. There are diverse methods and modifiers for this issue, but one of the most inexpensive and available products is agricultural gypsum.

Agricultural gypsum sale

This amendment has a critical role in improvements of soil physicochemical properties that’s mean in addition to helping to decrease the sodium content of the soil it has wonderful effects as follows:

Raw gypsum effects on agricultural soil

  1. Gypsum has two macronutrients components, calcium and sulfur, which are easily accessible for roots.
  2.  Improving and reinforcing the soil structure.
  3.  Helping ameliorate sodic soil.
  4.   Removing toxic boron from soil.
  5.  Causing organic matters stability.
  6.  Providing a situation for plowing right after irrigation.
  7. Increasing irrigation water efficiency.
  8. Reducing the toxicity of heavy metal elements.
  9. Increasing products quality and prevents some plant diseases.
  10. Helping grow earthworms in the soil.
  11. Preventing flood conditions through increasing soil permeability.

Agricultural gypsum sale

How and when to use Agricultural gypsum?

Row gypsum doesn’t lead to poisoning even in growing period of product because of its moderate solubility and low salt index. We can add to the agricultural ground every time of flood irrigating but we usually use it in the dormancy period of plant that is in the autumn and winter.

Agricultural gypsum sale

At present we sell this product as wholesale in Tabriz, Kerman, Mashhad, Tehran, Shiraz and other cities of Iran.