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Agricultural gypsum sale

Agricultural Gypsum

Agricultural gypsum:

Gypsum or aqueous calcium sulfate is a valuable and inexpensive corrective material that has been used in recent years to reduce the salinity of soil in gardens and fields.

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gypsum lump

gypsum lump

gypsum lump

Gypsum or gyps with the chemical name of Aqueous calcium sulfate is the fifth most abundant mineral in nature.

The product of baking and milling called building plaster that is widely used in various industries.

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plaster of paris

Plaster of Parise or Beta plaster is obtained from a kind of mineral that called gypsum.

This rock with a chemical formula in its structure has two molecules of water

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cristal gypsum

crystal gypsum

Gypsum is the fifth non-metallic mineral in the earth crust. It has impurities with a chemical formula Caso4.2H2o

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dental plaster

Dental plaster

One of the usage of Paris plaster is in dentistry that it is special kind of plaster.

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molding plaster

Molding plaster

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